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Anchor of Hope

Seeking a community free from Human Trafficking

Anchor of Hope is an organization located in the Hudson Valley of New York.  We are committed to providing awareness, advocacy, and restoration through outreach and partnerships to prevent sexual exploitation of individuals and to provide resources for exploited persons and survivors.

Our Driving Force

"You may choose to look away, but you can never say again
that you did not know"-William Wilberforce

We founded Anchor of Hope in 2018 because of our growing awareness of the injustices here in New York.  When we learned that children and adults are exploited through human trafficking, we could not look away. We committed to having conversation within the communities around us and to creating a culture of change in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Audience and Lecturer


We provide education and training to local churches and organizations to enable recognition of exploitation of individuals.  Talks and discussions can be tailored to your group, whether adults or youth.  Topics include:  Human trafficking and sexual exploitation recognition, pornography, and youth/parent talks on internet safety and healthy relationships.

Holding Hands

Advocacy and Restoration

Through partnerships with churches, businesses, and community organizations committed to supporting exploited victims and survivors, we can provide advocacy and restoration to facilitate freedom and recovery.

"Slavery is a weed that grows on every soil"

Edmund Burke

Contact Anchor of Hope

Po Box 165, Port Ewen NY 12466

Po Box 165, Port Ewen NY 12466

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