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...Now I See

This path started for me many years ago after reading a book about the exploitation of young girls in India. That was a long time ago. And it was about India. I learned more about trafficking over the years, and supported organizations that were working to end it, but never really felt that I would make much impact.

In the summer of 2017, that began to change as God brought other people alongside me to talk with and to be curious about how our local church might be able to make a bit more of a difference. It was at that time that I began to understand that this issue is not just happening in faraway places like India, but that individuals in our own communities are affected.

As my understanding grew, so did the opportunities. It became very clear to me that it was not ok to be silent about what I was learning. My knowledge would require action. It felt very daunting. But I also was convinced that God cares deeply about each and every individual who suffers at the hands of traffickers, and that He would make a way for me to be His hands and feet in some fashion.

Indeed, He has done just that, starting with a small contingent of concerned individuals who met monthly at my church, growing in awareness, and brainstorming how to take action. As a result of that, Tami found me as we advertised a project to make “go-bags” for girls in shelter situations, and we began to meet together to see if there could be synergy between the work that we were doing individually.

Over the course of the following months, I realized that God had paired me with an individual whose personality and skills complemented my own, and whose energy and vision would provide fuel and direction for my more managerial skills. We have since discovered Amy- not like either one of us, but bringing to the table a deep understanding of the issue along with the real experience of working with the at- risk and actually victimized. Her sweet spirit just makes it an even better deal for us.

The launch of this website represents the culmination of months of collaboration and effort, but we have only just begun in our quest to bring education and awareness to individuals in our community who need to know what we know, and care through collaboration and partnerships as we seek to bring restoration to those who have been suffering.


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