Important Update

We all know these last few months have been some very trying times. With everything that has happened we want let you know that we are still here.


We have not been immune to the stressors of life happening all around us. Juggling the new schedules of work and family balance, financial hardships, and health struggles have all hit home for many of you reading this email. With that being said, we at Anchor of Hope have faced some struggles of not only life in general as individuals but also of asking ourselves "What are the next steps for Anchor of Hope?"


We want you to know that we have been brainstorming, learning, and meeting virtually to try to discern what will be best for this organization. We have a lot to consider, so we ask for your patience during this time. We will update here when we have more direction to keep you informed as to what our next steps are.


Be well, please stay healthy and safe, and God bless.


Tami and Colette

Po Box 165, Port Ewen NY 12466

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